SMI Signs offers Exterior Directional signs to make navigating your site easy. Whether you need a simple parking sign from the street or a series of signs for a complex building layout, SMI Signs can help. We can assist with placement, messaging and design to ensure your customers or patients can find their destination. And it’s easy to get started, just call SMI Signs today.

Key Areas People Look For

  • Entrances
  • Exits
  • Parking
  • Tenants
  • Buildings/Offices
  • Highways/Roads
  • Drop-off/Pick-Up Zones


Directional Adventist NoEntry
Directional Adventist WA
Directional American Legion
Directional Emergency
Directional GW Hospital 2
Directional Inova 2
Directional Inova PP
Directional Leasing Office
Directional Park
Directional Tanger
Directional Visitor Parking
Directional Woodland Park